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This article includes all of the entries in our Connect the Dots series. These messages have been posted 


Dot #1: Customizable Widgets- Widgets are marked with borders, and each individual widget can be moved to any area of the screen. To move a section, hover over the title, click and drag the section to a new location. Another option is to go to Settings> Modify Homepage Layout

CLICK HERE to access more information on customizable widgets. 


Dot #2: Upload a Personal Photo- Why should you do this asap? Your photo appears several places within Connect. Clients, agents, and team/brokerage members will see your photo, so it’s important to put your best foot forward. To upload a photo, go to Settings> Upload my Photo.

CLICK HERE for more information regarding personal photos.


Dot #3: Set up a Business Card- Nowadays, its best to have your contact info ready to go. Go to Settings> Modify my contact information & online business card. Add fields with information, social media links, office information, personal biography and more.

CLICK HERE for more information on how to set up a business card. 


Dot #4: Set up Assistants- Do you have an assistant/ team administrator that works on your behalf? Let’s get them set up. Go to Settings> Manage assistants and agents I allow to impersonate me. Please note – to grant your assistant access to your account, they must have a valid MLS ID assigned by SmartMLS.

CLICK HERE to access more information about managing your assistants.


Dot #5: Want to make your email templates more personal? You can create templates that can be used to email prospecting search results, CMA reports, and more to your clients with personalized, custom messages. After you create a template once, it can be re-used to send messages to all your clients. Go to Settings> Email Template Defaults.

CLICK HERE to access more information about customizing email templates.


Dot #6: Easily view client activity from the main page. Client activity gives you real time information about client interactions within the platform. From likes/dislikes on listings, to direct client messages in one location, communications with your clients via the MLS has never been easier.

CLICK HERE for more information on the connectMLS client portal.


Dot #7: Adjust how to view many listings at once at the click of a button. Change from list view to thumbnail view by simply clicking the preferred format at the top toolbar. Search listings quicker and more efficiently can help you get the information in the hands of a client that much faster.

CLICK HERE for more information on listing views on


Dot #8: New Workspace. Let’s say you’re running a property search, when another client calls and asks to see if a property is available. Simply click “New Workspace” from the main toolbar and a brand-new window will pop up. Multi-tasking is easier than ever with this feature, with 3 simultaneous workspaces available at any given time.

CLICK HERE for more information about New Workspaces in connectMLS! 


Dot #9: By adding a custom table to your search results, you can access numerous fields to your list view. Got a client that needs a first-floor laundry room? Simply go to Modify Columns and select laundry room location. Now that information is prominently displayed on table, without having to search each individual listing. Searching smarter on ConnectMLS is a guaranteed improvement!

CLICK HERE for additional information on modifying columns in list view in connectMLS. 

Dot #10: SmartBar.
Need to quickly find agent license information to fill out a transaction summary page? Type the letters “ag” and then the last name of the agent in the SmartBar. Member search results will populate the information you need in an instant.

CLICK HERE for more information on how to use the SmartBar with shortcuts.


Dot #11: The client portal is the platform the client sees. Looking to see what your client sees? Open the contact of the client and click View portal. Here, your client can see your business card along with recommended service providers. The client portal will also notify you with recently liked listings in real time, keeping you up to date with your client base.

CLICK HERE for more information about the client portal.


Dot #12: Adjust the market activity to view listings in real time. Display up to 30 days of information right on the home page, including everything from UC-CTS, new listings, and closed listings. Customize this section to show the types of listings relevant to your business by property type, style, location or more. Simply visit the Market Activity widget on the home page.

CLICK HERE for additional information on the market activity widget.


Dot #13: Creating a quick CMA is easier than ever. For a quick CMA, search the listing and open the full detail report. Click Additional Information> SmartTax CMA. SmartTax will automatically find properties with relevant criteria, and list it side-by-side, instantly. You can even adjust the SmartTax CMA by taking out comparables and creating a printable report.

CLICK HERE for more information on SmartTax CMAs.


Dot #14: Optimize the map to its fullest extent with added layers and area specific content to elevate your understanding of any given area. On your search results page, Show Map is in the upper left corner. Map view can show you school districts, neighborhoods, parcel lines, points of interest such as attractions & medical facilities, and more. 

CLICK HERE for more information about map views and layers.


Dot #15: Did you know your clients can search listings just like you can? The client portal property search looks exactly like your property search, including a map view with layers and a full detailed report - with disclosures! Audiostream integration will also read property details out loud, available in both English and Spanish.

CLICK HERE for more information about the connectMLS client portal.


Dot #16: Would you like to create custom email templates for emails that go to your clients? Go to Settings> Email template defaults. Here, you can adjust email templates for any types of emails, such as notification of a CMA report or even driving directions to a property.

CLICK HERE to access more information about customizing email templates.


Dot #17: Email listings to clients with the click of a button. Simply check the box next to the listing and select the envelope on the upper right toolbar. A new window will pop up, and allow you to send as many listings as you’d like in one email thread. Select recipient(s) or add a new client to your contact list, and then add a message.

CLICK HERE for further information on how to email listings from connectMLS.

Dot #18: Google map integration
with connectMLS will make planning your day easier. Simply select the listings you need to drive to and click the car icon on the toolbar. After selecting a starting location, google maps will load and generate a driving route in a logical order, which you can adjust as needed!

CLICK HERE for useful information about driving directions in connectmls.


Dot #19: Did you know that you can enable auto-zoom on the map, and it will navigate between search results and re-center on the map as you search? This feature can be useful when running property searches, or even changing criteria on the fly. Look for the magnifying glass on the map to enable auto-zoom!

CLICK HERE for more information regarding map autozoom features.


Dot #20: While compiling a search, there may be times you need to consider more than one property type. To search for more than one property type, select a “cross property search” and choose the specific property types you would like to include.

CLICK HERE for additional information on cross property searches.


Dot #21: Texting listings is now easier than ever. Simply tap the “share” icon at the top center of the listing and select the contact you wish to send the information to. Instantly share the listing via a link that is sent to the recipient.

CLICK HERE for the Smartdesk article with screenshots and a step-by-step guide.


Dot #22: Did you know connectMLS has a timeout feature? After 60 minutes of inactivity, the system will notify you with a warning, and the user is prompted to click “OK”. Why does this happen? This feature is to protect your privacy and to ensure a safe marketplace for all.

CLICK HERE for more information about the connectMLS timeout feature.


Dot #23: Auto-emails are both convenient and useful, but what if the content of this email is no longer relevant? You can delete an auto-email in connectMLS. Simply visit the Prospecting Manager and look for the column to the right of the screen named “DEL”. Please note – If the current search has emailed listings to a client, those listings will NOT be removed from the client’s web page when you delete the search.

CLICK HERE for additional information on how to delete an auto-email in connectMLS.


Dot #24: Looking to fit more listings on the screen at one time? There is a setting within connectMLS that allows you to reduce the size of the text to a compact setting, thus allowing more listings to fit on the screen. Simply click on your initials/photo in the upper right corner, and select Display Settings>  Compact Spacing.

CLICK HERE for more information on spacing on list view.


Dot #25: Need to add criteria to your search parameter? Set up your default search in a matter of minutes. Simply go to Search> Listings> Add/Remove Fields. When you are ready to save your customized search screen, click the Defaults button in the upper right. From this menu, select Save Current as My Default, which allows you to save your customizations. 

CLICK HERE for more information on how to set up a default search with fields/criteria in connectMLS.


Dot #26: Proximity Search. Search for listings within a specific distance of an address (your office, home, current location) directly from the search screen without even opening the map! Enter any other search criteria (price, beds, etc.) and click View Results to see any properties that match your criteria that are within the designated area.

CLICK HERE to access more information about the proximity search in connectMLS.


Dot #27: What is a 3-Up Comparison Report? After you run a search, this report allows you to quickly compare three listings side by side. To do a 3-Up comparison report, select the 3-up comparison icon while on the list report view. You can print/save this report to send to clients!

CLICK HERE for step-by-step instructions on how to access the 3-Up comparison report.


Dot #28: When viewing your search results, you can generate a custom default table that shows you the information you need to see. To do this, go to Modify Columns at the top of the search bar and click the edit pencil. Here you can customize the column order, layout and the listing information that displays and save the customized table as your default.

CLICK HERE for step-by-step instructions on how to set this custom report as your default report.


Dot # 29 - Did you know that you can search broker tours and open houses in connectMLS? Simply go to Search> Tour/ Open House and enter your search criteria. Please note: the default time frame for the search is within 7 days of the current date, but you can change the number of days. 

CLICK HERE for more information on Broker tour/open house search in connectMLS.

Dot #30: Did you know you can use the map feature in connectMLS to exclude an area during your search? For example, this can be helpful if you have a client that does not want to live near the highway. You can use the Polygon Tool to draw a second shape over the area to exclude it from the map.

CLICK HERE for further instructions on how to exclude an area on the map for a search.


Dot #31: Looking for information on how to add a new listing in connectMLS? Our guide article and training resources are available to show you how to add a brand-new listing into connectMLS, coming to connectMLS on February 27th!!

CLICK HERE for step-by-step instructions on how to add a listing in connectMLS.





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