Using Assistants


connectMLS allows you to set up your assistants to perform tasks within the MLS on your behalf.

Click your photo/initials in the upper right corner and select My Settings:





Scroll down to the Personal Information section and click Manage assistants and agents I allow to impersonate me:





If you have already added any assistants to your account, they will appear on this screen. To add a new assistant, click the link at the bottom of the window (Click here to grant access to an assistant or agent that can impersonate you):





You will then get a list of all of the people who are in the same office (based on Office ID) as you. Select the desired person and click Grant Access:





You can then choose the tasks you'd like that person to be able to perform on your behalf:




By default, all functions will be set to Allow, meaning the assistant will essentially be able to impersonate you and function in the system as though they were you. If there are specfic tasks you do not want them to perform on your behalf, simply switch it from Allow to Block

The My Clients function allows for a more granular approach to granting the assistant's impersonation capabilities. Use the drop-down menu to choose the specific types of clients they can or cannot work with while impersonating you. 



If you have been given permission to log into connectMLS on behalf of another user, you will see the following screen when you access the system:



  • If you want to login as yourself, click the blue Sign-in to my personal account button at the top of the window.

  • If you need to login on behalf of another user, click the drop-down menu, select the user and click Sign in on behalf of agent.


Once you get to the home page, you'll notice your name is in the browser tab and the intials/photo of the user you've logged in as will appear in the top right corner:




If you click the initials/photo in the upper right, the very top of the menu will show that you are logged in for the other user:




  1. Clicking Switch Account logs you out as the other user and brings you back to the initial login window, where you can either log in as yourself or choose another user:


  2. Clicking Sign Out completely logs you out of connectMLS:




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