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One of the newer reports that have been added to our connectMLS system is the 3-Up Comparison Report. This report format has become very popular because it displays three listings side-by-side on each page, allowing you to quickly compare/contrast property information without having to toggle back and forth between reports.

After performing your search, click View Results to display the matching properties.

While on the List View report, go up towards the top left and click the 2023-10-18_12-24-48.jpg icon, then select 3 Up-Comparison:





You will now have three listings side-by-side, providing an easy way to compare them on the same screen or printed page:




Note: you cannot adjust the fields that appear on the 3-Up Comparison report.


You can print this report simply by going to the top right corner and clicking the Print icon 2023-10-18_13-49-23.jpg:




There is no 3-Up Comparison report in the Client Portal, but you can still email your client this 3-Up report by clicking Print and selecting Save as PDF:




This allows you to save a PDF version of the report to your local computer, after which you can open an email to the client and attach the PDF report to the message. 



You can also create a custom 3-up report within Connect (check out this article for instructions). The advantage of doing so is that you can control the fields that appear on the report.

The 3-Up Comparison report that is covered in this article cannot be modified in any way. However, if you create your own custom 3-Up report, you can choose the fields and order they appear on the report. Creating your own custom report is a great alternative if there are specific fields you'd like to have but are not on the default 3-Up Comparison.




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