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One of the many ways you can personalize your connectMLS experience is to add your photo to the system. Other users will be able to see your photo when they perform an agent search and view your agent record. They can also see your photo when they are viewing your listings and click on your name (in the List Agent field) to see your Business Card. Additionally, your clients will see your photo when they are in their Portal.

If you would like to upload your photo to connectMLS, click your initials in the upper right corner, then click My Settings:




Go to the Personal Information section and click Upload my photo :




Click Choose File to navigate your computer's hard drive to find your desired photo:




Once you have found your photo, double click it. The file name will appear in the Photo location field.  Click Upload Photo :




The window will refresh and your photo will appear:



Click Save and you're done!

It will bring you back to the settings page. Your photo will now appear in your Business Card. It will also replace your initials in the upper right corner of connectMLS:




connectMLS will accept photos in jpg, gif, bmp and other common image formats.
Any photos that are larger than 150 pixels wide and 180 pixels high will automatically be resized to fit.




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