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When you add a Client to connectMLS, not only does it create a Portal for them (which is where they are brought when they open up one of your connectMLS emails) but it also allows them to perform their own searches against the SmartMLS listings database.

The number of fields accessible to Clients in a Portal search isn't as expansive as you see when you are logged into connectMLS as an agent (nor is the list of fields customizable), but it does give your clients the flexibility to search for listings using different criteria than that which you used in their Auto Email search.

When a Client is in their connectMLS Portal, they can click on Search Listings in the top center of the screen to open up a search screen and enter their own search criteria:


They will not have the same fields on the Portal search screen that SmartMLS members have when logged into connectMLS, nor can they customize the search or add additional fields to it.  But it does enable them to run their own searches, in case they may be interested in looking for properties that do not match the Auto Email saved search you set up for them.

There are several fields along the very top of the screen that allow clients to begin searching for properties:


There is also a More Filters button in the upper right that provides additional search fields to help further narrow the search:


We tried to incorporate the most commonly used fields to help your clients conduct their own searches:


As your client enters search criteria, the number of results (at the top of the search screen) will automatically adjust on the fly to show exactly how many listings currently match their parameters.

The Portal provides three different report types for viewing listings.
Note : you must click the Fewer Filters drop down menu in the upper right corner of the search screen to minimize the search screen in order to access the different report formats:


Use the icons in the upper right corner to switch between them (note: you will not see these icons when you have the additional search filers open):


2022-05-18_9-05-19.jpg displays listings in a single line format, with summary information about the selected listing at the top of the report:


2022-05-18_9-27-28.jpg displays listings in a thumbnail report:


Clicking on any of the individual listings in the single line or thumbnail reports will display the full/detailed listing report.

2022-05-18_9-27-28.jpg displays listings in a hybrid report that includes a map on the left side of the screen that plots all matches simultaneously.  The right side of the screen displays whichever of the two other Portal reports (single line or thumbnail) you were viewing when you click the icon:


As you hover over any of the listings on the right side of the screen (in either the single line or thumbnail view), the corresponding flag on the map will flicker, alerting you to the exact location of the property.

If you click on any of the flags on the map, you will see a thumbnail view of the property:


Clicking the thumbnail gives you several options:


  1. Use the arrow to cycle through the photos.
  2. Click the address or the 2022-05-19_12-16-46.jpg icon to view the detailed listing report.
  3. Leave a comment for your agent.

Clients have the option of saving any portal searches they run on their own by clicking the Save button in the upper right corner:


The connectMLS Portal keeps track of a client's saved searches, as well as any other searches they have previously run but did not save. Clients can use either of these tabs to access their searches (saved or not) on subsequent visits to their Portal.

The Client can also access their searches by clicking the My Searches tab at the top of their Portal:


This will give them access to their own Portal searches, as well as any automatic search/email you have set up for them as their agent.

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