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There may be fields on the search screen that you never use and would like to completely remove so they never appear.  Or there may be certain fields in which you always enter the same criteria (for instance, you may only do business in one County and always select that particular County every time you perform a search).

connectMLS makes it easy to configure your search screens to suit your needs.

After you open the search screen, click the Add/Remove Fields button in the bottom right:



The subsequent window that opens allows you to customize the fields that appear on the search screen:



  1. Use the column on the left side of the screen to add fields to the search.  You can either use the Filter field at the top to enter the name of the desired field or manually scroll down the list until you find it.  Once you find the desired field, click the plus sign 2022-04-25_12-13-08.jpg to add it to the search (it will appear at the bottom of the list of fields on the right).

  2. The column on the right displays all of the fields that are already on the search screen, as well as any fields you have added from the left column.  You can use the 2022-04-25_12-16-25.jpg to remove any fields you no longer use or want on you your search screen.

  3. You can reorder the fields on your search screen by clicking the desired field and using drag and drop to place it where you would like it to appear.  You can also click a field to highlight it and then use the arrows on the right to drag it up/down.

  4. When you are finished add/removing/rearranging fields, click Save Changes in the upper right.

That will bring you back to the search screen and the changes that you made will appear on the screen.


If there are any fields that you always fill in with specific criteria, you can populate them accordingly and save it so they're always filled in when you open the search.

For example, if you only do business in Fairfield County, you can select Fairfield and then save that as your default, so every time you open the search Fairfield County is already selected.


When you are ready to save your customized search screen, click the Defaults button in the upper right:



You will see three options after you click the Defaults button:

  • New Search- My Default- refreshes the search screen and displays your customizations.
  • New Search- System Default- refreshes the search screen and displays the system default search fields (none of your customizations will appear).
  • Save Current as My Default- allows you to save your customizations.  If you want to save your customizations so they are accessible every time you open this type of search, you must choose this option.  Otherwise, your customizations will only apply to this one search- the next time you open this type of search, it will revert back to the system defaults.


To save the customizations you have made to the search screen, click Save Current as My Default.  You will then see the following confirmation window:



The Save this as my Default Search for Single Family & Condo check box is already selected for you.  You can just click OK and every time you open up that particular search (in this case, a SF & CO search), it will open with the selected fields, order and search criteria.

If you also put a check in the Make this my Primary Default Search check box, you can open your custom search just by clicking the 2022-04-25_13-00-42.jpg option in the main menu bar (you do not have to hover over it first and then go down and click on the specific property type).

Whichever way you choose to go, remember to click OK in the top right corner of the window.



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