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Did you know? You can use the map feature in connectMLS to exclude an area during your search. 


For instance, let's say you have a customer who is looking for properties in a town/group of towns, but definitely does not want to see any properties within a very specific geographic area. Theroretically, you could use the Neighborhood field to attempt to determine what areas you want to include (or exclude) in your search. But that may not be granular enough for your client.

This is where drawing shapes on the map come in. You probably already know how to use map shapes to focus on a certain area (click here for a refresher on doing this). You can also use map shapes to exclude areas on your map.


After you open your search and enter any other search criteria, click the Show Map button to display the matching listings on a map. 

Use the map drawing tools to narrow your search results to a more specific area:



You can then use the map drawing tool to draw a second shape on the map the exclude a specific area within the overall search area.

For instance, your client does not want to be too close to the Merritt Parkway. You can use the Polygon Tool to draw a shape that conforms to the area directly surrounding the Merritt:



Once you finish drawing this second shape, Connect will exclude any listings that fall within it (but still keep those that are within the overall map area that are outside of the second shape).


You can draw more than one area of exclusion if need be. 

If your client also did not want to be near I95, repeat the steps you took to exclude properties near the Merritt:




It may look like there are still green dots within your exclusion zones. That is a byproduct of your zoom level. If you zoom into the map a bit, you will see that those green dots are just outside of your exclusion zone:






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