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The SmartBar, which is located at the top center of all connectMLS screens, is a very handy and powerful search tool:




The design and functionality of the SmartBar is similar to that of the Speed Bar in Matrix, though the connectMLS SmartBar is more flexible and provides access to a wider array of search capabilities.

The main purpose of the SmartBar is to allow you to quickly access the information you need without actually opening a new search screen. This includes:

  • Accessing the results of previous searches.
  • Finding agents or Clients.
  • Searching by list number.
  • Searching for listings based on keywords.
  • Retrieving CMAs.

The first thing you'll notice when you click in the SmartBar is that it lists your recent searches:




The SmartBar allows you to quickly access the results of your 100 most recent searches within the connectMLS system. You can see the criteria of the search on the left side of the screen and the date and time it was run on the right side.

The effectiveness of the SmartBar depends upon entering your search query in a specific shorthand (syntax). In order for connectMLS to understand your search and provide accurate results, you must phrase your search query correctly.

The SmartBar is not an actual search screen, thus there are no fields to use within it. However, you can run SmartBar searches by incorporating shorthand for some of the most commonly used fields.

  1. Search for an agent by typing ag and their last name (ag smith).
  2. Search for one of your clients by typing cl and their first or last name (cl hank or cl charles).
  3. Search for an office by typing of and the office name or ID (of smart real estate).
  4. Search for an address by typing addr and the address (addr 123 main st).
  5. Search for a listing by simply entering the MLS# (enter multiple MLS numbers by separating them with a comma, no space).

The SmartBar will start displaying matching results as you type. It may find what you are looking for after just a few characters, so keep an eye on it as you type.


Using keywords/shorthand to search for listings
By default, if you have not entered any keywords into the SmartBar, a few criteria are automatically assumed:

  • Status= all Active statuses (including UC-CTS), except for Coming Soon.
  • Property Type= Residential for Sale (SF & CO).
  • Sub-Property Type= Single Family, Condo and Co-Op.
  • Price= in thousands.

The following symbols are supported within the SmartBar:

  • $ used for price.
  • +  used for a minimum value and above ($500+).
  • -  used for a maximum value and below ($500-).
  • x-y used for searching a range ($500-600).


Searching for specific Property Types:

  • Residential Rental: rental
  • Multi-Family for Sale: multi-family, multi family, mf
  • Lots and Land for Sale: land, lots and land, lots & land, la
  • Business for Sale: business, bu
  • Commercial for Lease: commercial lease, coml
  • Commercial for Sale: commercial sale, coms, ci


Searching for Statuses:

  • Coming Soon

  • Closed

  • Under Contract

  • Temp. Off Market
  • Expired
  • Cancelled
  • Withdrawn


Search for Closed listings by city and price range: closed city hartford $300-500

Search for Expired listings by city and min. price: Expired city hartford $300+

Search for Expired and Withdrawn listings by city: expired,withdrawn city hartford


To search for all statuses, use the all keyword: all city hartford $300-500



Advanced Abbreviations


  • The following may be used for beds: Bedrooms, bedroom, beds, bed, bds, bd, br
  • The following may be used for bathrooms: Bathrooms, bathroom, baths, bths, bth, bts, bt

To search by city, beds and baths simultaneously:

  • city hartford 2 bedrooms 2 bth
  • city hartford 2 2 (If no keyword is specified, beds and baths is implied with the first number being beds and the second being baths.)
  • city hartford 2 (If no keyword is specified and only one number is specified, beds and baths is implied and the number represents both)



  • A value preceded by a $ symbol searches the “Price” field for Residential sales, Residential Rental & Commercial.
  • Prices are assumed to be in thousands of dollars ($100= $100,000), with the exception of rentals. Rental price searches are assumed to be in dollars ($1000= $1,000 for Residential Rental & Commercial Lease).
  • For clarity, you should always precede a price with a $. However, if you want to save keystrokes, you can enter a number range without a $ (or any other keywords), and it is assumed to be price if the number is greater than 20 (otherwise it is assumed to be beds/baths).

Search for listings in Hartford between $300,000 and $400,000:

  • city hartford $300-400
  • city hartford 300-400



  • You can use sub, subd, subdivision as keywords.
  • Power Search uses “Begins With” to search for subdivision.
  • You cannot enter multiple words for a Subdivision. Instead, enter all or part of the first word.

To search for listings in the “Penncross Knolls” subdivision, enter:
sub penncross or sub penn



Street Address

  • You cannot use the SmartBar to search only by a Numeric Street name



Helpful hints:

  • The SmartBar is not case sensitive. You can enter everything in lower case.

  • When using multiple fields/criteria, it doesn't matter the order in which you enter them.
    For example, if you are using price, city, beds and baths in a search, you can enter them in any order (provided the actual syntax you are using for each is correct) and get the same results:
    city norwalk 3 beds $500+ 2 baths gets you the same results as 2 baths city norwalk $500+ 3 beds

  • The order in which you enter keywords and their search value does matter.
    • Search values go after keyword CITY (city norwalk).
    • Search values go before keywords BEDS, BATH, SQFT (3 beds, 2 baths, 2500+ sqft).
    • Use the search value only (no keyword) for PRICE (must start with $), PROPERTY TYPE (just enter sf, cn, etc.)

  • When entering multiple cities, list numbers or zip codes, separate them with a comma (no space):
    • city norwalk,westport,wilton
    • 170123456,170246810
    • 06851,06854,06855

  • To see what your search expression actually searched, click Show Filters after viewing your search results.



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