Set up your connectMLS Business Card


The Online Business Card is a great marketing tool that displays your personal contact information throughout connectMLS, including from the results of an agent search, on listing reports and within your clients' portals:




It initially populates with information directly from your SmartMLS membership record, but connectMLS allows you to add or overwrite some of the fields. 

To access your business card, click your photo/initials in the upper right corner of connectMLS and then click My Settings:




Go down to the Personal Information section and click Modify my contact information & online business card:




You will then see a list of all of the personal information fields in the system. Any fields that are shaded, such as your ID, full name and office contact information are not editable. These pull directly from your membership record and cannot be changed within connectMLS:



Note: there is a link at the top of the Business Card screen that brings you directly into your SmartMLS Member Portal, which is the source of your personal information:




The Member Portal allows you to change some of your personal information yourself (such as your phone number). Click here for instructions on making changes within the Member Portal.

If there is any information in your membership record that is incorrect but you are unable to change it yourself, please contact SmartMLS.


All of the fields with white background are editable. If a white field is blank, you can populate it. If it is already populated with information and you would like to change what is appearing in it, just click within it and make your changes.


When entering your social media information in the Links section, make sure to enter their respective URLs properly:





These links will appear as icons on your business card:




The Business Card Settings section at the bottom of the screen allows you to choose the fields that appear on your online business card:




The fields on the left can be added to the business card. The fields on the right are already on it. To add fields, highlight the desired field(s) from the left column and click the add button 2022-04-18_14-24-05.jpg.

To remove fields, highlight the desired fields from the right column and click the remove button 2022-04-18_14-23-59.jpg.

Note: you cannot remove the Display Name and Office Address fields. Those must appear on the business card.


You can update your Business Card information as often as needed.


One field you may want to consider having on your Business Card is My Listings Link (highlighted in pink in the image above). That puts a link to your currently active and under contract listings on your business card, allowing them to quickly see your other listings.

Your Business card pops up when someone is viewing one of your listings in connectMLS and clicks on your name in the List Agent field. This is the case for all agent-facing reports that displays the List Agent field. The Business Card will not appear on any client-friendly reports, nor will it display on smaller reports (such as the Gallery or Thumbnail) that do not have the List Agent field.

The Business Card information also appears on the right side of your client's Portal:




connectMLS's Online Business Card is a great way to keep your name and contact information in front of the eyes of other agents (while viewing your listings) as well as those of your clients.

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