Driving directions in connectMLS


After performing your search, view the listings in the List View (single line display) and use the checkboxes on the left side of the screen to select the desired listings. 

Click the 2022-05-02_11-40-06.jpg icon in the upper right corner of the screen:


You will then see the following popup window:



  1. Choose whether you want directions to just those listings you selected or all your original search results.
  2. Select your starting location. connectMLS will automatically pull your home and office address information directly from your membership record. You can also choose to manually enter a different starting point.
  3. The Destinations section shows you the properties for which you will generate driving directions.
  4. Click Get Directions when you are ready to proceed.

Google Maps will then open in a new browser tab and connectMLS will attempt to put the properties in the most logical order:



If you want to change the order that connectMLS puts them in, go to the section in the top left corner that lists the properties, place your mouse cursor in front of the listing you want to move and drag it up/down as desired:



If there are any properties you would like to remove from the list, hover over the right side of the address and you will get an option to remove it:



Use the Add destination button at the bottom of the list to manually add another property that was not among your original search results.  

Click Options if you want to avoid highways, tolls or ferries, or if you would like to switch between miles and kilometers.

Click Details (toward the bottom of the left-hand column) to view the turn-by-turn directions (including distance) and time frames:



Once the driving directions display, you have the option to send them to your phone, share them or print them out:



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