Widgets on the connectMLS home page


The connectMLS home page is comprised of widgets that provide quick, convenient access to many vital parts of the system.

When you log into connectMLS for the first time, your home page will look very similar to this configuration:




All of the widgets can be rearranged using drag & drop, making it very easy for you to have your connectMLS home page set up exactly as you want it. Just place your mouse cursor over the tab in the top left corner of the widget until you get a four-headed arrow 2022-04-15_10-27-17.jpg :




Once your cursor turns into the 2022-04-15_10-27-17.jpg , hold your left click button and the widget will look like this:



You may now drag it to the desired location; let go of the left mouse button to snap the widget into place.


A couple of important things to know about widget placement:

  1. You may move the Bulletins widget to any of the columns, but it will always snap into place at the top of the column. Even if you drop it beneath other widgets, connectMLS will automatically move it to the top of the column. The reason for this is that the Bulletins widget is where the MLS (or your local Board of Realtors) will post any important or time-sensitive messages to the membership. We do not want those messages to be missed, so the widget is locked into the top slot of the column.

  2. It is strongly encouraged that you do not place any widgets beneath the Client Activity widget. The Client Activity widget records and displays any interactions your clients have with their Portal, such as marking listings as Favorites or writing comments about properties you have sent them. It is an excellent way to seamlessly communicate with your clients. That being said, the widget will become very long, very quickly (similar to a social media feed), and any widget that might be placed beneath Client Activity will become very difficult, if not impossible, to keep tabs on.

  3. It is a good idea to put your most used widgets towards the top of the screen. This will maximize their visibility and help ensure that you are not missing a thing while you are on the MLS. Market Activity and Saved Searches are both good widgets to keep towards the top of your home page.



You can also adjust your connectMLS home page widgets by clicking your initials/photo in the upper right corner of the screen and going to the Settings menu:



There are two options within the Personal Information section that let you adjust your connectMLS home page:



  1. Modify home page layout gives you a scaled down representation of the home page that allows you to quickly arrange the widgets to your desired configuration:


    The top section allows you to control the number and width of columns on the home page. Some of them might not work, though, depending on the size and resolution of the screen you are working on.

    The second section allows you to rearrange the widgets (via drag and drop) in the same fashion as described in the beginning of this article.

    You can also hide any widgets you do not use by clicking the X in the upper right of the individual widget.

  2. If you have have rearranged your home page and want to get it back to its default configuration, just click Reset home page layout to system defaults. This will bring the home page back to the way it was when you logged in for the first time.




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