Add/Edit menu overview


The Add/Edit menu is where you go to add a new listing or make changes to existing listings that are not in a permanent off-market status: 



This article is designed to provide a summary of each option within the Add/Edit menu. 


  • Add New Listing- this is where you begin the process of entering a new listing in connectMLS. This is also where you go to access your Draft (Incomplete) listings. Click here for a detailed article that covers the whole process.

  • Edit Listing Status- this is where you go to change the status of an existing listing. Click here for a refresher on all the statuses within the MLS.

    Note: this is not where you go to make price changes (as those are technically not status changes). 
    Click here for more details on changing the status of your listing.

  • Edit Listing Price- go here when you need to change the list price on a listing that is currently on the market. Click here for detailed instructions.

  • Edit Listing Details- this is where you go to make changes to your listing that will not affect its status. You can also manage the documents (supplements) on your listing from here (there is a dedicated link for document management further down the Add/edit menu). This article takes a deep dive into document management.

  • Change Sales Data- this section allows you to enter or adjust the sales information on UC-CTS and Under Contract listings. For instance, if you need to extend your Proposed Closing Date (PCD) or change the sales agent on your Under Contract listing, this is the place to go. Click here for instructions on changing your PCD.

  • Extend Expiration Date- allows you to push the expiration date of your listing further out into the future. Click here for instructions.

  • Add/Edit a Tour or Open House- use this form to create a new tour/open house event for your listing, or to make changes to an existing event. Click here for more details.

  • View/Manage My Listings & Transactions- brings you to a landing page for accessing all your listings and transactions. This page is broken down into sections based on status and property type. Click here for more information.

  • Add/Edit Photos- this is where to go to manage the photos for your on-market listings. Click here for instructions on adding and managing photos.

  • Add/Edit Virtual Tour- use this section to add a virtual tour to your listing. Click here for instructions.

  • Manage Documents- go here if you need to add documents (listing agreement, disclosures, etc.) to your listing. This article provides step-by-step instructions on this process.

  • Re-position property on the Map- this form allows you to correct the mapping of your listing if the pin in placed in the wrong spot. This article walks you through the process of correcting your listing's mapping.


If you click on the words Add/Edit (at the top of the menu), you will see all of these same options, just in a different layout:




All the listing management options are the same in both areas.



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