Adding and managing photos


To add/delete/rearrange photos on your listing, go to the Add/Edit menu and click Add/Edit Photos:




When the Add/Edit Photos window appears, enter the list number (if you know it) in the field and click Submit:



If you do not have the list number memorized or written down somewhere handy, click the View/Manage My Listings & Transactions link in step #1.

Pro Tip: this is an instance where it would be helpful to take advantage of Connect's New Workspace feature (click here for more information on New Workspace) to find the list number. That would allow you to find the desired listing more efficiently without having to lose your spot.


Locate the desired listing and click the Edit 2023-09-26_10-11-31.jpg icon on the right side of the screen:




After clicking Edit, go down the list of editing options and click Add/Edit Photo:




Adding Photos

There is a 40mb file size limit per photo. If the photo you would like to upload is larger than 40mb, you must resize it before uploading it into Connect.


Click the Click Here to Upload button at the top center of the screen:




Navigate your computer until you find the location where your listing's photo(s) are. Select the photo(s) you want to upload and click Open. You can select multiple photos simultaneously by holding down the Ctrl key (use the Command key if you're on a Mac) on your keyboard as you click the photos.

After you click Open, the selected photo(s) will appear:




When working with multiple photos, you may find it easier to switch from List View to Grid View. There are buttons in the top of the screen that let you switch the view:




Grid View allows you to see a lot more photos on the screen at any given time, providing a more global view of the listing's photos and making it easier to rearrange them into your preferred order:






Managing Photos

Rearrange photos

You can quickly rearrange the photos by using the blue back/forward arrows at the top of each photo:



You can also use the number box (in between the back and forward arrows) to enter the number of the slot you'd like the photo to appear in. For instance, enter a 1 in the box if you would like that photo to be the first photo on the listing:



After entering the desired slot number, you can either hit the Tab or Enter key and the photo will move to that slot (all photos that appear after that slot will just shift back one slot).


You can also rearrange photos via drag & drop. Just place your mouse cursor in a blank spot in the grey border around the photo until you see a four-headed arrow/cross:



Click and hold your left mouse button, drag the photo to the desired spot and release the mouse button. It should snap into place and all photos that are after it will shift one spot to the right.



Edit photos

connectMLS also provides several basic options for editing your listing's photos.
Click the orange pencil icon to the right of the photo:



This opens Connect's built-in photo editing feature, allowing you to rotate the image, zoom in/out (using the Move/Scale button) and adjust the brightness and/or contrast:



Make sure to click the Save button when you are finished editing your photo.



Delete photos

If you would like to remove one of the photos you've added, click the X to the right of the photo:




Note: you are not able to delete a photo while it is in the first slot (the Primary photo). If you need to delete the photo in slot 1, you must first move it to another slot. Once it is no longer in slot 1, you can delete/replace it.



Add photo captions

You can also add a title or caption to your listing's photos. This is a quick and easy way to provide additional information about the property directly from the photos. Click the Add Title/Caption link underneath the photo:



That opens a window where you can select the photo's title from a drop-down list of rooms and features:



The list of photo titles contains several dozen options that are alphabetized and broken down into two sections: General and Other. The General section contains the rooms and features most commonly found in properties, whereas Other contains more unique property aspects that are not as common.

There is also a Caption field that gives you 250 characters to describe the photo:


Make sure to click Submit after you've chosen the title and entered your caption.


If you would like to see how your photos will flow when they are being viewed on the listing, start by clicking on the first one. It will enlarge and you can toggle through all photos by clicking the white forward/back arrows. Click Close Preview at the top center of the screen to get out of the preview and back to Manage Photos:




Once you've made all of your photo changes, remember to click the Save Changes button in the top left corner:



You will briefly see a progress bar go across the screen as your changes are being saved, after which you will be returned to the My Listings/Transactions screen.




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