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It is critical to understand how to upload supplements to your listing. One of the major reasons it is so important is that you cannot activate a new listing until you have uploaded your Listing Agreement. Thankfully, document management is built right into the listing entry process in connectMLS- it is the last tab of the listing input form:


After you click the Documents button, click Add Document:




The document upload process involves four steps:



  1. Click Choose File to navigate to where you have your documents stored on your computer. When you locate the desired document, double click it to bring it into connectMLS:


    After you double click the document, it will appear in the field to the right of the Choose File button.

  2. Use the Document Type drop-down menu to select the type of document you are uploading:

    The top portion of the document list, Public Documents, is comprised of public-facing documents. The bottom section, Transaction Documents, is where private documents (those you would like to restrict access to) are located.

    After you have chosen the correct document type, the Document Name field will automatically populate with the same name. You can override this and enter a document name of your choice.

  3. The third step of the document upload process, Choose viewing restrictions, is where you choose who is allowed to access the document. There are several different permission levels for every uploaded document:

    Permission levels are broken down into two categories: Listing Reports and Transaction Dashboard:

    Listing Reports encompasses all reports visible to other users within connectMLS, as well as reports clients can access through their Connect Portal and on websites on the internet (IDX Sites).
    Put a check in All Agents with MLS Access for those documents that you want all MLS users to be able to access.
    Select Realtors' Clients if you would like a document to be accessible to clients and potential buyers outside of the connectMLS online system. This includes buyers that other SmartMLS agents have added to the connectMLS system as Clients, as well as any members of the public who may see your listing on brokerage or agent websites (IDX sites).

    Transaction Dashboard covers people involved in the property's transaction (seller, buyer, listing/selling agent, attorneys, appraisers, inspectors, etc.). These settings correspond with the transaction management portion of connectMLS.
    If you would like all transaction participants to be able to access a document, select All Transaction Participant Roles.
    If you would like to restrict access to a document to only specific people within the transaction, select Certain Transaction Participant Roles.

    When we created the document list, we set default permissions for each document based on the nature of the document and who its intended audience typically is. However, you have full authority to set the permissions for each of your uploaded documents however you'd like.

    For example, when you upload a Property Condition Disclosure, which is a document that the list agent generally wants everyone to be able to access, it defaults to a public document that everyone can see:

    However, when you upload a Listing Agreement, the default viewing restrictions are quite different, as the intended visibility of the document is much more limited:

    Regardless of the document you are uploading, you have full control over the viewing restriction settings. You do not have to keep the default settings. Make sure to set your documents to the level of visibility that works best for you and your client.

  4. The last step of the process is to click the Add button in the bottom right corner of the window. 


Once the document is uploaded, it brings you back to this screen:



From here, you can add another document, continue editing your listing or close out of the listing completely.



A couple of important things to remember when uploading documents:

  • There is a 20mb file size limit per document.

  • There is no limit to the number of documents you can upload to a listing.



If you are not already in the process of adding a listing, you can manage documents by going to the Add/Edit menu and selecting Manage Documents:




Enter the desired MLS number and click Submit (or use the link to locate the correct listing):




When your Transaction Dashboard opens, click Add Document (toward the top left):




You can now go through the four steps outlined at the beginning of this article:






You can also go to Add/Edit> View/Manage My Listings & Transactions:


Locate the desired listing and click the Edit icon 2023-09-26_10-11-31.jpg on the right side of the screen:


Go to the bottom of the Edit Listing window and click Manage Documents:




When your Transaction Dashboard opens, click Add Document (toward the top left):




You can now go through the four steps outlined at the beginning of this article:












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