How to change your listing's status


If you are looking to change the price of your listing, these instructions will not help you. Price Changes are not covered in this article because they are performed from a different menu. 


When you need to change the status of your listing, go to the Listings menu and click Edit Listing Status:



You will then be prompted to enter the MLS number you would like to edit:



If you don't know the MLS number, click the View/Manage My Listings & Transactions link to look it up.

After you select the desired listing, you will get a popup window that shows the listing's current status and provides a drop-down list of the status change options you have:



The listing's current status determines the options you have for changing its status.

Pro Tip
: if you are trying to mark a listing Closed and do not see the option to change it to Closed in the drop-down menu, chances are the listing is not currently in the Under Contract status. You can only mark a listing Closed if it is Under Contract. In these instances, the listing is usually in the UC-CTS status. Just go in and mark it Under Contract first, then you will see the option to mark it Closed the next time you go back to Edit Listing Status.


After you select the listing's new status from the drop-down menu, a new form will open and allow you to enter the required information. Remember to click Save when you're finished.


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