View/Manage My Listings & Transactions


When you hover over the Add/Edit menu at the top left of connectMLS, one of the options you will see is View/Manage My Listings & Transactions:




View/Manage My Listings & Transactions is the gateway to the entire listing input and management section of connectMLS. It is where you can access all of your editable listings, including your Draft (Incomplete) listings. Additionally, this is also where you go to reverse prospect for one of your listings.


When you open the View/Manage My Listings & Transactions page, you'll see two drop-down menus in the upper left corner:




These menus are designed to help you narrow your focus and quickly access the listing you need to change. 

The left-hand menu is broken down by status:



Note: selecting All (as seen above) does not include your Draft listings. Those have a separate section (directly above the All option).


The right-hand menu is broken down by property type:




Using one or both of these menus, you should be able to quickly locate the listing you need to edit.

You can also use any of the column headers (address, list number, etc.) to sort the listings and locate the listing you need to manage more easily.


Once you locate the desired listing, you have several options in the upper left:

  • Print the listing in many different agent and client-facing report formats (you can also save a PDF copy of the listing).
  • Export the listing information to a spreadsheet file (there is also a Toolkit option in the Export menu).
  • Email the listing to one of your connectMLS Clients.
  • Reverse Prospect for the listing (see if other Connect users have a buyer Client with a saved search that matches your listing).

You can also edit the listing by scrolling to the right side of the screen and clicking the Edit icon 2023-10-04_11-32-44.jpg



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