Correct the mapping of your listing


If your listing's map pin placement is incorrect, you can easily correct it by going to the Listings menu and clicking Re-position Property on the Map:




You will then see the way your listing is currently mapped on the MLS (your property is identified with a blue pin):



You can reposition the pin placement via drag and drop:
When you place your mouse cursor on the blue pin, the cursor will change from a hand to a pointed finger. Click and hold down your left mouse button and drag the pin to where it belongs. If you drag to any of the four sides of the box, the map will start to move in that direction. Once you have found the correct spot on the map, let go of your mouse button and the blue pin will be placed right there.

Click Save Changes when you are done.


A few additional notes about fixing the mapping of your listing:

  • If you happen to know the map coordinates (longitude and latitude) of the property, you can simply enter them in the corresponding fields in the top right of the map window.

  • You can zoom in/out on the map with the + and - buttons in the bottom right of the window. You can also change the zoom by holding down the Ctrl key (Command key if you're on a Mac) on your keyboard and using the scroll wheel on your mouse (scoll forward to zoom in and backward to zoom out).

  • Changing the zoom level before dragging the pin around can be helpful, especially if the default map view is zoomed too far in. Once you have the general area located, you can then zoom further in to place the pin more accurately.

  • There is a full screen icon 2023-10-02_14-24-25.jpg  in the upper right that can also be helpful in locating the correct spot on the map for your pin placement. Once you're done in full screen mode, just hit the Esc key on your keyboard to get back to the regular map screen.

  • You can switch the map view with the Map/Satellite buttons in the upper left corner of the map. When you're in Satellite view, you have the option to include labels on the map.

  • If you drag the yellow Pegman 2023-10-02_14-29-58.jpg to the map, it will provide the street view of that area. Just left click on the yellow guy, hold down the mouse button and drag him to the map. As you drag him, the streets will turn blue, indicating spots where you can drop him. There will also be a faint circle (kind of like a bullseye) that you can place over the spot on the street you want:



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