Cloning a listing


The beginning of the listing input process provides an easy way for you to copy from one of your old listings. In order to be able to clone a listing, you must be with the same organization you were with when you entered the previous listing. If you have moved to a different organization since you last listed the property, you will not be able to copy from it.


Go to Add/Edit and click Add New Listing:




When the Add New Listing window opens:



  1. Select the property type of your new listing.
  2. Put a check in the second check box [Fill from Listing and Tax (Clone + Tax)].
  3. Enter the list number of the listing you want to copy from. If you don't know the list number, you can enter the address information and then find the correct listing on the next screen. 
  4. Click Continue.


After clicking Continue, the next screen will most likely have two sections. The top half will display any matching tax records and the bottom section will display any matching listings:



At minimum, go to the bottom section and put a check in front of the list number you'd like to clone from. If you would like more information to populate to your new listing, put a check in front of the Tax ID in the top section. Selecting both the tax record and the previous listing will fill in as many of the listing's field as possible and make your job a lot easier.


After checking the box(es), click Continue. That brings you right into the first section of listing input and you're on your way!


Cloning a previous listing also copies all of its photos. You can manage these photos from the Photographers & Virtual Tours tab. 



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