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When you are in the process of adding a listing to the MLS, there are several links that remain in the upper right corner regardless of the tab/section you are on:




  • The Generate Listing Sheet feature, which allows you to backfill a listing input form with the data that is on your Draft listing, is covered in a different article (click here to check it out). 

  • Clicking the Feature List link opens a window that displays all the options for each field you will encounter during listing input. This handy list is broken down by tab/section and is a great resource if you want to see where a specific feature is located.


This article covers the third link you'll find in the upper right- Share Listing with Sellers.

Clicking Share Listing with Sellers allows you to easily email a copy of the Draft listing to the seller so they can see how the listing will look and check it for accuracy.

After clicking Share Listing with Sellers, you will encounter the same Email popup window that you normally do when emailing from within Connect:




If you have already added the seller as a client, you can choose them from the To: field. If they have not been added as a client, you can do so, or you can use the one-time email feature to send the listing.

Your recipient will receive a detailed report that displays all of the information you have entered for their property. It is an easy way to keep the seller involved in the process of entering their property on the MLS and insure that you are entering the most comprehensive and accurate listing for their property.




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