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Our connectMLS system provides a couple of ways to email listings to someone whom you have not added as a Client. These are known within the system as one-time (or one-off) emails.


After you've performed your search, select the desired listing(s) and click the Email icon 2023-12-12_14-54-51.jpg in the upper right corner:




When the email window opens, go to step 2 and click Send one-time email:




Now it's just a matter of completing the email form.

Before you fill in all the fields, it is advisable to check out the highlighted section at the top of the window. It includes some important information you should know before sending one-time emails:



  • Enter the email address of the recipient in the To: field. 
  • You can also send a carbon copy (CC) or blind carbon copy (BCC) of the email if necessary.
  • It's a good idea to put a check in the BCC me check box. This provides a way to keep track of the emails you send to recipients who are not in your Clients list within connectMLS.
  • Choose the Report Type (there are about 10 different reports to choose from, both agent-facing and public-facing).
  • Enter a Subject for your email.
  • There is a 4,000 character field beneath Subject that allows you to include a message to the recipient(s).





connectMLS provides an excellent solution for sending one-time emails through the Share feature. This generates a public link to the listing that you can then copy and paste into an email within your own email program/app.

Note: sending a one-time email through the Share feature only allows you to send one listing at a time. You cannot email multiple listings at the same time using the Share feature. 


To share a listing, just click the Share icon 2023-05-09_16-25-56.jpg at the top of the Full Detail report:




If you are on a different report (such as the List View), click the Additional Info 2023-05-09_16-32-07.jpg icon and then click Share Public Link:




The Share feature works from all operating systems and major web browsers. It also works if you are accessing through the SmartMLS app on your iPhone or Android phone.

The options you see after clicking Share will vary depending upon the device and operating system you are using.


Here is an example from a PC running Windows 10 Pro:




Note: if you get a little popup window regarding copying text and images to the clipboard, click Allow.



Click Copy link to generate a URL to the listing. You can then go to your own email client, open a new message and paste the link into the body of the email.


Your recipient will receive a detailed, public-facing listing report that provides a comprehensive view of the property, including access to all of the photos and virtual tour(s), if present.




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