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When you are listing a property on the MLS, it can be very helpful to sit down with the seller and fill out the listing input form together. This is a great way to collaborate with your client and make sure the listing for their property is as accurate and comprehensive as possible.

connectMLS takes this concept to a whole new level with the Generate Listing Sheet feature.

The Generate Listing Sheet link appears in the top right corner of every tab while you are entering a listing:




You can click the link at any point during the listing input process (while the listing is still a Draft) and Connect will backfill the listing input form with the information you've entered so far. If you started the listing input process by clicking Fill from Tax, all tax data that has autofilled from the public record will also be included in the Listing Sheet.

The Listing Sheet generates as a PDF file that you can download, print and email:



You can now sit down with the client and easily review the work you've done and help fill in the blanks on any information you may not have. There is also a section at the bottom of the last page where the seller(s) can sign.

The Generate Listing Sheet feature is designed to streamline the listing input process and help you enter listing data more accurately and efficiently.



Here is a very brief video that captures this process:





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