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One of the most important widgets on the connectMLS homepage is Bulletins/Updates. The widget is designed to deliver important or time-sensitive messages to users and serves as one of our main channels of communication. The widget is very flexible, allowing us to target specific segments of our users (all office managers, for instance) or our entire membership.

Its default poistion is in the upper left corner of the Connect home page. It can be moved to any column, but it must be placed at the top of the column so it cannot get lost underneath other widgets. If you drag it to another column, it will snap into place at the top, even if you drag it down beneath another widget. In addition, because it can contain vital information, the Bulletins widget cannot be removed from the home page completely (all other widgets can be removed by the user, if desired).

The Bulletins widget can contain multiple tabs, depending on the information it is delivering and who the source of the information is:



In the image above, there are three tabs:

  1. The MLS tab contains messages from SmartMLS. These can be messages aimed at the entire SmartMLS membership or targeted to a specific group of users. This can 

  2. The Association tab contains messages from your Board of Realtors. Each Board has the ability to send messages to their members. You will only see Association messages from your own Board- you will never see messages from a Board to which you do not belong. If there are no active messages from your Board, the Association tab will not be present (it will remain hidden until the Board sends a new message).

  3. The All tab will display all messages from all tabs that are visible to you.


In addtion to these three tabs, you may also see a Listings tab that is designed to alert you to important information about your listings (ex: your listing is about to reach its expiration date; you need to extend the PCD on a listing, etc.) or a Company tab that alerts you to any messages your Broker has sent to your entire office.

Each tab can fit 10 messages per page. If there are more than 10 messages (you will most often encounter this with the All tab), there will be multiple pages that you can navigate through using the prev and next arrows in the bottom right of the tab:



Each message has a set length of time (usually 7 days) after which it expires and disppears. When a tab has no active messages, it will disappear completely from the widget until a new message is sent.




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