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Property Flyers can be an effective way to help you market your property. Creating a custom flyer to have as a handout at Broker Tours and Public Open Houses is an easy way to augment your marketing package. 

If you would like to create a custom flyer for your property, go to the Reports menu and click Property Flyers:



Any flyers you have created in the past will show up on the screen.

To create a new flyer, go to the top right corner and click New Flyer:




You've got three steps to complete on the next screen:



  1. Select the template you'd like to use- Single Large Photo, Multiple Photos, Thumnbnail Photos or No Picture. You can see a preview of each template by clicking on them. Once you choose a template and click Continue, you cannot go back and select a different template. Make sure you check out each template style before moving on to the next part of the process.
    Note: the more photos on your flyer, the less room there will be for text/property information.

  2. Enter the property's list number (you can only create a flyer for a property that has been or currently is on the MLS). 

  3. Choose the seller Client that is associated with this property. If you have not yet added the seller to your connectMLS client list, click the click here to add a new client link.
    Click here for instructions on adding a client.

    Click Continue.


For the flyer design portion of this article, we will use the Single Large Photo template. There is a lot happening when creating a flyer, so we will split it up into three images to make it easier to see all of the different customization options.


There are several important fields along the top of the screen:



  1. Use the Border Color drop-down menu to select a color for the outside border of your flyer report. There are 8 colors to choose from- hopefully one of them aligns with your personal/company branding. You can also choose to not have a border at all.

  2. The Description field automatically populates with the MLS number and address you used at the beginning of the flyer creation process. You can change this to something more useful/appropriate if you'd like.

  3. The Listing Details link opens the Full Detail report, giving you access to all of the property's listing information.

  4. The client you are creating the flyer for will appear in the Flyer for: field in the top right corner.

  5. Clicking Cancel/Go to Flyer List will close the flyer without saving any changes and bring you back one screen to your list of existing flyers. If you have not yet saved this flyer, you will not see it in the list of your existing flyers.

  6. Click Generate Flyer Report to see a preview of what your flyer looks like. This can be done at any point during the process. When you're done previewing the flyer, you have the option to edit, print, email or save the flyer. You also have the option to download it as a PDF.
    Note: generating the flyer does not save your work. If you close out of the preview instead of clicking Edit Flyer or Save Flyer, you will lose your work and won't be able to get back into it to continue working on it.

  7. Click Save Flyer to save the work you have done so far. You will be brought back to your list of Property Flyers, at which point you can go into any of them, start a new flyer or go work in a different part of the Connect system.


Connect will populate the flyer with information (including photos) from the list number you entered in the beginning of this process. 




  1. The field at the top of flyer is a free text field. It will automatically populate the property's address information. You are in complete control over the text that appears in this section. You can also change the font style, size, alignment, color, etc. Use the text editing tools (highlighted in orange above) to bring your flyer to life!

  2. The photo will also populate from the listing you used to create the flyer. If you have a different photo you'd prefer to use on your flyer, click Choose File to search your computer (double click the file when you find it). Click Attach to upload the desired image.
    Note: the new photo will not appear when double click it (after you've located it on your computer). It will only appear after you click the Attach button.  





As was the case with the top section of the previous image, you have full control over the text (including formatting) in the sections in the bottom half of the flyer. For the Single Large Photo flyer template, you have four separate sections (outlined in red) to work with. The top two sections autopopulate with property features. The third (and largest) section displays the Public Remarks section from the listing. The section at the bottom center shows your agent/office information (which pulls directly from your Online Business Card).


There are a few additional features at the bottom of the flyer report:

  1. If you have uploaded your agent photo to the system and would like it to appear on the flyer, make sure there is a check in the Display my business card photo check box.

  2. If your office's Broker has uploaded your office logo to the system, it will display in the bottom right corner of the flyer. Click here for more information on this feature.

  3. Your list office name and phone number will automatically appear at the bottom center of the flyer. This cannot be adjusted or removed.


Once you are finished creating and editing your flyer, click Generate Flyer to take a look at the finished product. If your flyer has too much information (or some of the text size is too big), it is very possible that it will not fit on one printed page. If this is the case for the flyer you are currently working on, you will see a warning message at the top of the flyer:



If this happens, click the Edit Flyer button at the top center of the screen to go back to the flyer editor and either reduce the font size (generally this occurs in the very top section of the flyer, above the photo) or remove some of the property features or remarks. After each change, generate the flyer again to see if the warning disappears.

Once you have it exactly as you want it, click Save Changes. The flyer is now ready to be printed, emailed or downloaded as a PDF. 

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