Add a Client in connectMLS


To add a customer as a Client in connectMLS, either go to the Shortcuts widget on the homepage and click Add New Client:





Click the My Clients icon 2022-11-16_14-10-44.jpg in the upper right corner and then click the 2022-11-16_14-12-07.jpg  button in the top right of the next screen.


Regardless of how you start the process, you will come to the following screen:



The only required fields on the add client screen are the Full Name, Status, Types and Allow Reverse Prospecting fields.

Note: the Spouse/Partner and Additional E-mails fields are not required when adding a client, but if you would like a second person to receive a copy of any emails that are sent to the client, enter that person in the Spouse/Partner field and put their email address in the Additonal E-mails field. If you set the client up for an auto email, both people will receive a copy of it. The same is true for any emails you manually send to the client.


Click More Details at the bottom of the window to access and populate many additional personal information fields. All of these fields are optional, so you are welcome to fill in as much, or as little, as you want. 

Click Add (in the upper right corner) when you are finished.


Once the Client has been added, you will be brought to their Dashboard screen, which provides quick access to their information, activity, favorite properties, searches, CMAs and much more!

There is a lot going on in the Dashboard, so we will break it up into two parts and take a deeper dive.  Starting on the left side of the screen:



  1. When you add a new Client, connectMLS automatically creates a Portal for them.  Click View Portal to access their personal connectMLS Portal.
  2. View the Client's information.  Click Edit to update/modify their info.
  3. Click New Message to send the Client an email. When creating your message, you can choose from different email templates.
  4. Hit the All Updates drop down menu to choose what type of information you would like to see updates for (CMAs, Listings Sent, Messages, etc.).


  5. Favorites will show you any listings the Client has marked as a favorite.
  6. Click Listings to see all properties you have sent to this Client.
  7. Keep track of any saved searches you have set up for this Client by clicking Searches.
  8. CMAs will display any CMAs you have created for the Client.
  9. Click Flyers to see any flyers you have created for this Client.
  10. You can also quickly view or create new Saved Searches, CMAs, Flyers or Referrals using the section toward the upper right of the Dashboard.


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