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If you are the Head Broker of your office, you can upload your office's logo so it appears throughout the connectMLS system for you, your agents and your Clients.

Click your photo/initials in the upper right corner, then go down and click Settings:




 Go to the Manage Office section and click Manage company branding and logos:




The bottom half of the window allows you to upload your office's logo:




Click the Choose File button to navigate your hard drive and locate the desired file. Once you've located it, double click it and then click Upload Logo.

For best results, make sure your logo image is in the correct orientation and size (140 pixels wide and 55 pixels high). If the image does not meet those parameters, it will be resized until it does and it might not look as good.


Important: make sure there is some extra blank space on all sides of your logo. If the logo goes all the way to the edges of the image, the edges of the logo will likely get chopped off and not look great. Adding some additional space on all sides before you save the image can make all the difference in the world.


Remember to click Save when you're finished.


Note: there is also a section in the top half of the window that allows you to adjust the color scheme within connectMLS to match your company's colors:



You can either:

  1. Enter the hexidecimal code for the desired color.

  2. Click Pick and select the desired color from the color pallette. As you move your cursor over the colors, you will see its corresponding hexidecimal value in the bottom right corner.








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