Managing listings as a Broker, Manager or Admin


For the most part, users will encounter the same menus and options when they go to the View/Manage My Listings & Transactions section of connectMLS. As the name implies, this is where you go to add new listings or make changes to your editable listings (change status, adjust list price, manage photos/supplements, etc.). 

Click here for a refresher on the features within View/Manage My Listings & Transactions.


However, if you are your office's Broker, Manager or Admin, you will notice some additional features and information to assist you with your managerial duties. 


One of the major differences you will encounter as part of your office's management hierarchy is a thrid drop-down menu in the upper left corner of the screen. There is an additional menu in front of the status and property type menus that allows you to be even more granular when filtering listings:




It is important to be mindful that your particular position within your organization will impact what you see on the screen. For instance, if you are associated with the main office of a multi-office organization, you will see agents and listings for all offices within the organization. If you are in one of the branch offices of a multi-office organization, you will only see the agents and listings from the office your ID is associated with.

  • All Agents gives access to listings for all agents under your jurisdiction.
  • My Firm provides access to all listings from all offices within your organization (provided you are in the head office of your organization). If you are in a single office organization, or in the branch office of a multi-office orgainzation, you will not see this option.
  • My Office displays all listings within your specific office. 
  • My Team gives access to listings that are associated with your Team members.

Underneath these four options you'll see a list of individual agents (displayed alphabetically by last name). Based on your specific situation (single/branch offce vs. head office in multi-office firm), this list can get extremely lengthy. 


There are several date fields on the right side of the screen, some of which will be empty. What you see in these fields depends on the status of the listing and which side of the transaction your office is on:



  • List Date (List Dt.)- this field will always be populated, even when looking at listings where your office is on the buyer side. The List Date will appear for all statuses and property types.
  • Contract Date (Cont. Dt.)- this Contract Date will display for all UC-CTS and UC listings, regardless of which side of the transaction your office is on. This field will always be blank for Active listings.
  • Expiration Date (Exp. Dt.)- you will only see Expiration Dates for listings where your office is on the list side. If you're looking at a UC-CTS or UC listing where your office is on the buyer side, you will not see the Expiration Date. 
  • Proposed Closing Date (PCD)- you will only see the PCD on UC-CTS and Under Contract listings where your office is on the list side. If your office is on the buyer side, you will not see the PCD.


Remember to use the other two drop-down menus (Status and Property Type) to help filter the number of listings that appear on this screen: 




Using these drop-down menus in conjunction with one another can be an effective tool in keeping tabs on your office's listings and transactions, regardless of their current status. Staying on top of listings that are about to expire, making sure your PCDs are always in the future and many other managerial tasks can be accomplished more efficiently than ever!


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