Edit an existing Hotsheet


If you created your own custom hotsheet search and would like to adjust the criteria (add another town, change the price range, etc.), go to the Hot Sheets widget on the connectMLS homepage and click on the desired search:



Note: your custom hotsheets will appear at the bottom of the list, beneath the system default hotsheets (for each of the individual property types).


When the hotsheet opens, the screen will be split with the search criteria in a narrow column on the left and any matching properties on the right:




Note: if you find the screen too busy and you'd like to just see the search criteria (and remove the listings from the screen), click the Hide List button in the upper left. 


Make the necessary changes to the search criteria and click the Save Search icon 2023-10-24_9-32-47.jpg in the upper right corner:




You have several options on the Save Search window:



  1. You can associate this saved Hotsheet search to an existing client (or add a new client and attach it to them). This step is optional.

  2. Edit the name of the Hotsheet search to encompass the changes you made.

  3. Click Save Changes (if you click Save New, it will create a brand new Hotsheet search in addition to the existing search you just edited).


You will get a confirmation window, at which point you can continue working with the results of the search or start a new search:





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