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Deleting photos or supplements from a permanently off market listing (MLS and syndication sites)


When a listing reaches its final off market status (Closed, Expired, Canceled), all data (including photos, supplements and virtual tours) is part of the permanent record for the listing. None of it can be removed or adjusted.


On the MLS

No one, not even SmartMLS staff, is able to remove photos or supplements from a Closed, Expired or Canceled listing on the MLS.

Some connectMLS users think that they can circumvent this policy by removing photos from their listing right before it enters a final off market status. This is strictly forbidden as well.

Per Attachment C of the SmartMLS Rules and Regulations :
Photos submitted may not be removed from the Service, except for (1) replacing photos to reflect a change in the seasons, (2) reflecting improvements to the home or (3) substituting a higher quality photo of the same image. Removal of photos shall result in a $250 fine and the photos restored to the listing.


Even though photos may not be removed from listings on the MLS, we have made an adjustment to our internet syndication policy in an effort to address privacy concerns. As of June 9, 2021, IDX sites are no longer permitted to display additional photos on permanently off market listings (including those in the Closed status).

Note: this policy does not include, as they are not an IDX site.


On syndication sites (IDX sites,

We do not syndicate listings that are marked Withdrawn, Temporarily Off Market, Expired or Canceled.  Consequently, editing/removing photos from these listings on SmartMLS (which is something that is not even possible once a listing is in its permanent off market status) would not remove them if they appear on other sites on the internet.

The photos that are on syndication sites can be complicated to remove. Every company/site has their own policy on this- some may remove images from a Closed listing while others may not; some sites will remove all supplemental photos and keep the primary photo, while others will remove all photos, leaving none. You will need to reach out to each site individually and request the images to be removed.  SmartMLS does not get involved with this process.

Additionally, these images may have made their way to various other downstream outlets on the internet- some sites will syndicate information on to secondary and tertiary sites.  Tracking them down for removal from those sites may be very difficult.

*** SmartMLS has no influence on how other sites deal with photos once a listing is Closed. ***


In order to remove photos from, the owner of the property must go on their website and claim the property. During the claim process, the owner can request that the images be removed from the listing. SmartMLS is not involved in this process.



Note: If you think another agent has used your photos on their listing without your consent, please report it to our compliance department ( immediately so we can resolve the issue.

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