Reverse Prospecting


Reverse Prospecting is a powerful tool that allows agents to proactively try to match buyers and listings that are on the market. 


From the Buyer's Agent perspective

When you are adding a buyer client to connectMLS, one of the fields that you are asked to complete is Allow Reverse Prospecting:




If you set this field to Yes, your client will be assigned a Public ID that will be visible to list agents when they run a reverse prospecting search for their on market listing. This allows them to reach out to you (the buyer's agent) and reference this specific buyer as having a saved search that matches the criteria of their listing. The Public ID is the only identifying information other agents can possibly see about your buyers. They will never be able to see names, emails, phone numbers or any other personal information about your clients.


If you have added a buyer client in Connect and would like to adjust the Allow Reverse Prospecting field (either to turn it on or disable it), click the Clients icon 2024-02-16_12-17-35.jpg in the upper right corner:




Locate the desired client and click on their name to open their Dashboard. 

Click the Edit button in the upper left:





Adjust the Allow Reverse Prospecting field as necessary and click Save:






From the List Agent perspective

The Reverse Prospecting tool allows you to run a search in connectMLS to see if other agents have set up a saved search for a buyer that matches features of a property you currently have listed on the MLS.

Go to the Tranactions menu towards the upper right:2024-02-16_12-23-19.jpg



There are two drop-down menus in the upper left that are designed to help you narrow your focus and quickly access the desired listing:




Use the first drop-down list to just see specific statuses:




Use the second drop-down list to filter your listings by property type:




When you find the desired listing, use the check box on the far left to select it, then click Rev. Prospect:




This will show you any agents who have added a buyer Client into connectMLS whose saved search matches your property:




The Reverse Prospect results screen does not reveal any personal information about the buyers that have been entered into connectMLS. Each client is assigned a unique reference number that their agent can use to identify them within the system.

Click the agent name to view the buyer's agent's business card and see their contact information. Clicking their email address link will open up your default email client so you can send a message to the buyer's agent regarding your listing. It is a good idea to enter the code from the Client Public ID column in your message to identify which of their buyers has a saved search that matches your listing.  


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