Where do I go to edit my listing?


Note: before you start editing your listing, it is a good idea to use the New Workspace feature to have a separate connectMLS instance open (in addition to your listing edit screen). If you need to run a search, find an agent/office ID, etc. while you are editing your listing, you can do so in the additional workspace without having to close your edit session.


We want to make it as easy and convenient as possible for you to maintain your listings in connectMLS. There are several places within the system that allow you to make changes to your listings:


Additional Info 

When you pull up your own listing (either through the SmartBar, your Market Activity widget or through a general search) you can edit it from the Edit This Listing option in the Additional Info menu.

If you access Additional Info from the List View (single line report), Gallery or Thumbnail report, the link to edit your listing is at the top of the right-hand column:




If you access Additional Info from a detailed report (Full Detail, Agent Full, etc.), the Edit This Listing link is about halfway down the menu (at the top of the Tools section):






Add/Edit menu

When you're on the connectMLS homepage, you can use the Add/Edit menu to add and edit your listings:




Click here for a detailed article on this menu and all of its individual options.





View/Manage My Listings & Transactions

One of the options within the Add/Edit menu is View/Manage My Listings & Transactions:




This is a great resource if you are the Broker, Manager or Admin for your office and are in charge of making changes to listings for different agents within your office or company. 

There are three drop-down menus in the upper left that allow you to quickly filter the listings and access the one you need to edit:



  1. The first drop-down allows you to access listings for an individual agent within your office/company. You can also select All Agents to see all listings within your office.

  2. The second menu allows you to filter listings based on their current status.

  3. The third menu allows you to filter listings based on their property type.

You can use any combination of these menus to quickly find the desired listing.


Note: if you are not a Broker/Manager/Admin, you will only see two drop-down menus- status and property type. You will not have the drop-down that allows you to access other agents' listings.






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