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You may have noticed that there are no fields on the default search screens that let you narrow your search by a property's proximity to water. Thankfully, it is easy to add the Direct Waterfront field to the search screen.

Go to the bottom of the search screen and click the Add/Remove Fields button:




Start typing waterfront in the Filter field in the upper left:




Click the plus sign to the right of Direct Waterfront YN to add it to the search (it will appear at the bottom of the right-hand column with all of the other fields that are already on the search screen).

Note: if you have a client who prefers to be adjacent to a specific type/body of water (pond, lake, etc.), you may also want to add the Waterfront Description field.


Remember to click Save Changes when you're done adding fields to the search. 

You will be returned to the original search screen and the waterfront field(s) you've added will be on the screen:



Just click within the field to see the available options:




If you would like for the field(s) you've added to always be on your search screen, use the Defaults button in the upper right to set your default search:





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