What types of listings get syndicated?


There are several different answers, depending on the site/destination.

SmartMLS data feeds include all property types. While all sites (IDX, Realtor.com, etc.) have access to all of our property types, it is up to each one to determine which they want to display. Most sites that receive our data are strictly residential and will only display Single Family, Condo, Multi Family and Land.  However, some will also display other, non-residential properties (such as Commercial, Business, etc.).

We have no influence over what properties downstream sites choose to display.


1.  IDX (agent or brokerage) sites:

  • All active listings (including Under Contract-Continue to Show) for all property types are available.  This does not guarantee, however, that all sites will display all property types. A lot of sites are strictly residential and will not display other property types (such as Commercial). The MLS has no influence over the property types a site chooses to display.
  • All Under Contract listings.
  • All Closed listings over the past 365 days.

2.  Realtor.com:

  • Single Family, Condo, Multi Family and Land for sale.
  • Single Family, Condo and Multi Family for rent.
  • Active, Under Contract-Continue to Show and Under Contract statuses.
  • No Closed listings of any type.


Note: a listing will only be sent to a site when both the Broker/Office and the List Agent have authorized syndication. If one party authorizes syndication, but the other does not, the listing will not be included in the feed to that particular destination.




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