Do I have to add my Matrix saved searches and auto emails to connectMLS?


No, you do not have to manually add your Matrix saved searches and auto emails to our new connectMLS system.

In early 2023, all existing Matrix saved searches and auto emails were copied over to connectMLS. 

Since that initial upload, a process was put in place that constantly looks for new saved searches and auto emails that have been added to Matrix and automatically copies them over to your connectMLS account as manual saved searches.


Note: if you would like to continue to use any of these imported saved searches as automatic emails, you must first activate them within connectMLS.


Click here for instructions on how to activate imported saved searches in Connect.


Once you have activated the imported auto emails in connectMLS, you should deactivate the auto email in Matrix so your customer does not receive duplicate notifications/emails regarding matching properties.

It is also a good idea to let your customers know that we have changed MLS systems and the notifications that they will start receiving will look and feel a bit different, but will still provide access to all of the information (and much more!) that they are used to. 



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