How to activate Auto Emails imported from Matrix


In an effort to help you get up and running in connectMLS as efficiently as possible, we have painstakingly imported all saved searches (both manual saved searches and Auto Emails) from our Matrix system. This even includes those saved searches that were created prior to 2017 that had been imported from a previous MLS system.

They have all been imported into connectMLS as manual saved searches. If you would like to continue to use any of these imported saved searches as automatic emails, you must first activate them within connectMLS.

To get started, click the Prospecting Manager icon 2022-11-28_12-29-52.jpg in the upper right corner of connectMLS:




Now, go to the upper left, click the Saved Search Types drop-down menu and select Manual:



This is where you will find the saved searches we've imported from Matrix. They will be comingled with any manual saved searches you have created in connectMLS yourself. For those saved searches that were associated with a Contact in Matrix, we have also created a new, corresponding Client in connectMLS. 


Auto Emails that have been imported from Matrix will have the text ** IMPORTED: AUTOEMAIL DISABLED ** after their name. These must be activated in connectMLS before they will function properly.

The imported auto emails will all show an expiration date of Jan 11, 2023 or Jan 21, 2023. This was done deliberately to ensure that none of them would accidentally be sent without the agent's approval. Part of the activation process is to extend the expiration date.



(Note: If you see any imported saved search or Auto Email that says ** IMPORTED: INCOMPATIBLE CRITERIA **, that means there was either search criteria that could not be matched to connectMLS fields or some sort of mapping location issue. These must be edited within connectMLS before they can be used).


To activate an imported Matrix Auto Email, locate it within the list and click the pencil icon 2022-12-12_11-40-06.jpg on the far right of the screen:




When the Save Search window appears, go to the bottom and put a dot in front of Automatic Search:



You can now configure your desired settings for the automatic search, such as the schedule/how frequently you would like it to run, its expiration date, email message templates and much more:



There are a couple important settings to keep in mind:

  1. Update the search name (remove the text about it being an imported autoemail).

  2. In the Upon Saving section, the default is Find only matches added/updated after you click save. Keeping this setting will prevent connect from resending all listings that your client has already received through Matrix. 

  3. Make sure to extend the expiration date (you can extend it up to 180 days from the current date).

  4. The Listing Notifications section was added as part of the Screener feature (a replica of the Concierge Mode feature in Matrix).
    If you want the system to automatically send all matching properties to the client without your intervention, make sure there is a dot in front of Send notification to the client when the search runs.
    If you want this auto email to include the Screener (Concierge Mode) feature, put a dot in front of Screen search results before sending to client.


Click Save Changes when you're done.


The saved search is now activated within our connectMLS system and your client will be sent a welcome message along with any matching properties. 

Repeat this process for any Matrix Auto Emails you would like automated in our connectMLS system.


Note: once you have activated the imported auto emails in connectMLS, you should deactivate the auto email in Matrix so your customer does not receive duplicate notifications/emails regarding matching properties. 

Before deactivating the auto email in Matrix, we strongly recommend making sure the connectMLS auto email is functioning properly and your customer is getting their emails. Once you confirm the auto email is working properly from Connect, it is safe to disable the Matrix version.

Click here for instructions on deleting auto emails in Matrix.


If you have not opted into continuing to use Matrix and need to deactivate any existing auto emails in Matrix, please reach out to SmartMLS support.


It is also a good idea to let your customers know that we have changed MLS systems and the notifications that they will start receiving will look and feel a bit different, but will still provide access to all of the information (and much more!) that they are used to. 








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