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If you have been using Matrix for any amount of time, you have most likely become accustomed to the words/names the system uses on the various menus, search screens and displays.

While we have tried to maintain as much consistency as possible during the development of our connectMLS system, there are naturally going to be some new terms that you will have to get used to.

We have created this table to help you adjust to the new connectMLS system by providing the Matrix equivalent for unfamiliar terms you will find throughout connectMLS. In many instances we have both a written article and a short instructional video to guide you through the process.

For each connectMLS term in table below, click the A to read an article or click the V to see a video about the topic.


Matrix connectMLS
SpeedBar SmartBar  A   V
News & Alerts (Widget) Bulletins (Widget)   V
Listing Carts My Favorites   A   V
Search Criteria Filter   V
Single Line View List View   V
Contact Client   A   V
Market Watch (Widget) Market Activity (Widget)   A   V
Agent/Client Full Display Detail Report/Full Detail   A   V
Public Remarks Field Overview Field   V
Ranking Report Market Share Report   A
Combined Saved Searches/Auto Email (Widget) Automatic Searches (Widget)   A   V
Refine > Narrow (In Search Results) Show>Selected (search results)   A   V
Refine > Discard (In Search Results) Show>Unselected (search results)   V
My Favorite Searches Saved Searches   A
Concierge Mode (for Auto Emails) Screener  A 
Auto Emails (see full list) Prospecting Manager  A 
Incomplete (INC) listing Draft listing
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