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If there is a specific search you run often (for a buyer client, for your market/area of expertise, etc.), you do not have to start from scratch each time and repeatedly enter the same criteria. connectMLS makes it simple and convenient to save your search criteria and get to the matching properties quickly and efficiently.

There are a couple different points at which you can save your search.

After you have opened the search and entered the specific criteria, there is a Save Search button in the top right corner:



You can also save a search while you are viewing the results- click the save icon 2022-03-23_9-11-43.jpg in the top right corner:



The save icon 2022-03-23_9-11-43.jpg is present on all connectMLS reports, making it very convenient to save your search.

Regardless of the way you start the process, you will see the following screen:



  1. You can attach this saved search to a connectMLS client, though you do not have to. This section allows you to attach the search to an existing client, or create a brand new client and then attach the search to that person.

  2. Clicking the Filters applied drop down displays your search criteria, so you can verify that you have the search set up as desired.

  3. You must give the search a name. If you attach this search to a client, they will be able to see the name you use.

  4. If you want to automate the saved search (which turns it into an auto email if you have associated it with a client) put a dot in front of Automatic Search. If you save it as automatic but do not associate it with a client, you can view the results from the Saved Searches widget on the connectMLS home page.

    If you prefer to run this search yourself in the future, keep it at Manual Search.

  5. Click Save when you are finished.

You will get a confirmation message after you save the search:




Note: once you have saved a search, you cannot go back into it and change the property type. You can change other fields and re-save it under the same name, but if you change the property type and click the Save button, your only option is to create a brand new saved search (as opposed to re-saving the same search with a different property type).


You can access all of your saved searches (manual or automatic) by going to the My Searches section on the right side of the search screen and clicking the Saved Searches tab:




Your saved searches (automatic, manual and screener) are also available directly from the Saved Searches widget on the connectMLS home page:




You can also access saved searches by clicking the Prospecting Manager icon 2022-11-16_14-41-49.jpg in the upper right corner of connectMLS:






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