How to email listings


After you perform your search and view the properties in the List View (single line) report, select the desired listings (using the check box on the left side of the screen) and click the email icon 2022-07-12_15-16-21.jpg towards the upper right corner:





You will then see the following window (for the purposes of this article, the window has been broken up into two separate images):



  1. Verify which group of listings you would like to send- just those that you selected or your entire group of search results.
  2. Choose the person(s) to whom you would like to send the listings (if you have already added them into connectMLS as Clients). This is a multi-search field- you can start typing a name (first or last) or part of an email address (even just gmail) and it will find all matches.
  3. If your recipient has not yet been added to connectMLS, you can add them directly from here.
  4. If you want to send this email to someone who is not in your Clients list (and you do not want to add them at this time), click Send one-time email.
  5. Put a check in the BCC me check box if you would like to receive a blind carbon copy of the email.
  6. Folders are a way to group listings together to help keep your Client's Portal organized. If you have already created a folder for the recipient, you can use the Folder Name drop down to select it from a list. In the absence of an existing folder, you can create one by putting a dot in Add a new Folder and entering a descriptive name. Just keep in mind that the client will be able to see the name you give the folder.


  7. Choose the email Template you would like to use. Click here for an article that goes into detail on templates and how to create your own templates to give your connectMLS communications your own personalized touch.
  8. You can choose to keep the Email Subject as it is, or click Clear and enter your own.
    Note: if you are using a custom template you have already created, the subject line will change accordingly.
  9. As with the subject, you can elect to use the default wording in the Message Body field or click inside the field and enter your own.
    Note: if you are using a custom template, the Message Body will change accordingly to reflect your custom text.
  10. Put a check in Include my connectMLS business card when this message is sent to include your contact information at the bottom of the email. This acts very much like an email signature. Click here for an article that details how to set up your business card.
  11. Select Attach Listing Reports as PDF if you'd like to include PDF attachments of the reports inyour email. 
  12. Preview Message allows you to see what your recipient will see when they receive and open your email. It's a great way to make sure everything is exactly as you want it before you send the email.

Click Send at top right of window.




If you are viewing a group of listings in the Full Detail report and want to email just one of them (the one currently on your screen), you can just click the Email icon in the upper right (you do not even need to put a check in the check box):




The top of the Email screen gives you the option of sending just the current listing or all search results:




You could also go to Additional Info and select Email Listing




Doing it this way only allows you to email the current listing. You do not have the option of choosing all of your search results:






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