Access recent activity through the SmartBar

Did you know that, in addition to performing quick shorthand searches, you can also use the SmartBar for accessing a lot of your recent activities within the connectMLS system?

The SmartBar will store your 100 most recently accessed:

        • Searches
        • Clients
        • Listings
        • CMAs


All entries are date and time stamped, making it easy to go back and take another look at a search, listing(s) or a client you were recently working with.

When looking at the list of recent activity in the SmartBar, you will notice that the icons that appear are not always the same.

For instance, when searching for one of your Clients, you could see one of two icons:


The 2023-01-19_14-23-01.jpg icon next to the client means that, after searching in the SmartBar, you selected the client from the list of results/suggestions.

The 2023-01-19_14-25-20.jpg icon next to the client means that you typed their name in the bar and immediately hit the Enter key on your keyboard. The search did not find any results.

When doing an address search, you may see different icons as well:


The 2023-01-19_14-33-29.jpg icon means you selected the property from the list of results/suggestions. There will also be an orange icon 2023-01-19_14-06-34.jpg to the right of the word listing .

The 2023-01-19_14-25-20.jpg icon means you just typed in the address and immediately hit the Enter key. It could have found results, or there may not have been any.

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