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The connectMLS system is very flexible and provides many ways for you to interact with searches, maps and listings so you can view the information that is most relevant to your needs.  With a little effort, you can adjust your connectMLS experience and have any combination of a search, a map and matching listings on your screen simultaneously.

When you are on a search screen, you can use the 2022-10-19_11-04-05.jpg button in the upper left to add a map to the screen.  You can also use the 2022-03-15_16-36-04.jpg button in the upper right to open a map: 



Clicking Show Map will shrink the search down to a single column on the far left and the rest of the screen will be an interactive map that plots all of your search results:



Clicking Map Results will split the screen in half, with an interactive map appearing on the left and the matching properties displaying on the right:



Regardless of which route you took to add the map to the screen, there are a few buttons in the upper left corner that help control what you see on the screen:



2022-03-15_14-35-20.jpg closes the map completely and brings you back to the search screen.


The first button toggles the map on/off.  When you are on a search screen with no map, 2022-10-19_11-04-05.jpg appears, allowing you to add a map to the screen.  If the map is already on the screen, click  2022-10-19_11-11-06.jpg to remove the map from the screen.    


2022-03-15_14-35-20.jpg removes the search fields column.  On a map with no search fields, click 2022-03-15_14-44-19.jpg to add the column of search fields back to the left side of the screen.


2022-03-15_14-35-20.jpg shrinks the width of the map and displays the matching listings on the right side of the screen.  If you are also showing filters (search fields), your screen will now have search fields on the left, a map in the center and matching listings on the right:



When you are displaying the map and listings on the same screen, there are a few buttons on the dividing line between the map and listings that give you even more control over what you see on the screen.

Towards the top of the screen, you will see left and right arrows:



2022-03-15_16-48-41.jpg The arrows pointing to the left will remove the map from the screen altogether and allow the listings to occupy the map's space.  This enables you to see more of the listing information.  If you want to get the map back on screen, click the right arrows button. 

2022-03-15_16-47-26.jpg The arrows pointing to the right will remove the listings from the screen and allow the map to occupy the space where the listings were.  If you want to get the listings to reappear, click the Show List button.


If both the map and listings are on the screen simultaneously, there are three blue dots in the middle of the screen (between the map and the listings):



These dots allow you to manually resize the map and listings sections.  Put your mouse cursor over them and it will turn into a double-headed arrow.  Hold your left mouse button down and drag to the left to simultaneously shrink the map and enlarge the listings section.  Or, drag to the right to simultaneously enlarge the map and shrink the listings section. 

Regardless of which combination of search/map/listings you have on the screen, each section remains fully interactive. 

  • You can go to the search fields and change your criteria, which will then adjust the map and the matching listings. 
  • You can zoom in/out on the map or drag it in any direction to change the area you see on the map.
  • If you put a check in the Search While Moving Map checkbox in the bottom left corner of the map, the matching listings will update based on the map area you are currently viewing.  Dragging the map in any direction or changing the zoom level will impact the properties that appear on the map and in the list view to the right of the map. connectMLS will only display those listings that happen to be within your map area.
  • If you hover your mouse cursor over the locate on map icon in the listings section, that listing's pin will light up on the map.  Clicking the 2022-03-15_16-59-08.jpgicon will center the map on that listing.
  • At the top left of the listings section, you can use the 2022-03-16_10-07-49.jpg icons to switch between different displays.
  • Since the listings section is sharing the screen with the map and/or search fields, there is not enough room for all fields to appear on screen at the same time.  Thankfully, there is a horizontal scroll bar at the bottom that allows you to move to the right side and see all of the fields.


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