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When viewing maps, it can be very handy to be able to see the names of the streets that appear on the map. But what happens when you open up a map and there are no street names to help you know exactly what you're looking at?

Never fear- there is a simple way to adjust your map so it displays street names.

There is a globe icon in the bottom right corner of maps that lets you change your map view:




When you hover your mouse cursor over the globe, you will see three options:




Both the Road and Hybrid options will display the street names on the map.


Road map view:




Hybrid map view:




Note: your zoom level will determine how the street names display. As you zoom further out on a map, things become a lot smaller and you will see fewer street names. The smaller side road names will disappear from the map, but the larger main roads and thoroughfares will still display street names. However, when you zoom too far out, you may only see major highways labeled on the map (depending on your zoom level). As you zoom out, you are sacrificing minute details to fit more on the map, and the smaller street names get lost in the shuffle.

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