See Under Contract-Continue to Show and Under Contract listings where you are on the buyer side

When a listing is marked Under Contract-Continue to Show (UC-CTS) or Under Contract (UC), the list agent is required to enter the selling agent (buyer's agent) information. This information is only available to those agents (listing and selling agents) involved in the transaction. 

Please keep in mind that no agent has the permissions within the MLS to see the buyer side information for other agent's listings if they are not involved in the transaction. This is the same concept as not being able to see the expiration dates on other agent's on market listings. This type of information is not intended for public consumption and is therefore hidden to most users. Our systems are not designed in any way to facilitate agents viewing information to which they are not privy (in this case, the buyer's side information on UC-CTS or UC listings for other agent's transactions). This means you will not be able to run your own searches in an effort to see this information.

We have designed the My Activity section of the Market Activity widget to make it easy to access this information in one place without having to run a separate search. Your user type (agent, admin, manager, Broker) will determine what you are able to see within your Market Activity widget.

The example below is from a firm level Broker (the Head Broker of a multi-office organization). The My Activity section displays their personal inventory, including UC-CTS and UC listings where they are on either side of the transaction. They can also see the same information for their home office and entire organization by going to the Office Activity and Company Activity sections, respectively:



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