Days on Market (DOM) is calculated for on-market listings by taking [Today’s Date] minus [ListingContractDate] minus [Off-Market Days].

  • Starts calculating from the day the listing is entered into MLS {ListingContractDate}.

  • Adds 1 every night after midnight for all listings that are On Market.

  • If a listing goes to Under Contract, TEMP or WITH and then back to Active, the DOM continues calculating where it left off, not including the days the listing was in the Under Contract, TEMP or WITH status.
  • DOM stops calculating when a listing is in a final status (Closed, Expired or Cancelled).



Cumulative Days on Market (CDOM)= DOM + initial CDOM (the initial CDOM is set when the listing is entered).

  • Calculates every day while on-market (Active, Under Contract-Continue to Show).

  • If a listing is taken off market (Cancelled, Deposit, Temp Off Market or Withdrawn) AND relisted within 90 days (regardless of who it is relisted with), CDOM keeps counting.

  • CDOM resets if a listing is relisted more than 90 days after previous listing in the system or if a property is relisted under a different property type than the previous listing.

  • Only a Closed status will stop the CDOM calculation for the property.
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