Can I schedule a listing to be published to the MLS in the future?

Although it would be very convenient to be able to schedule a listing to be published to the MLS on a certain date or time in the future, this is currently not possible with connectMLS.

If you have a listing that you'd like to be published as a New listing at 7am tomorrow morning, you must go into that listing in Add/Edit at 7am tomorrow and manually click Validate for Publishing (to change it from a Draft to a New listing). There is no way to automate that process.

The only process that remotely resembles this type of functionality is a Coming Soon listing. When you set the Expected Active Date (EAD) for a Coming Soon listing, that is the date the Connect system will automatically switch the listing from Coming Soon to Active. However, you still have to manually switch the listing from Draft to Coming Soon.

Listings generally switch from Coming Soon to Active shortly after midnight once we've reached the EAD. You cannot control the time the listing switches from Coming Soon to Active. It will always occur shortly after midnight on the EAD.


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