Can the co-list agent make changes to a listing?

One of the benefits of having a co-list agent is that they can share the workload of selling a property. Those benefits can certainly extend to sharing the work it takes to enter and maintain a listing on the MLS.

As the primary list agent, there is a field within the Basic Listing Information section at the beginning of the listing entry process that allows you to designate one co-list agent:




After you have selected the appropriate MLS ID for your co-list agent, there is an Allow Co-Lister to Edit the Listing check box that automatically fills in with a check. As long as you keep the check in this box (highlighted in orange in the image above), your co-list agent will be able to make changes to the listing. 

Once you have saved this listing, even if it is a Draft listing that has not been published to the MLS as a Coming Soon or New listing, both you and the co-listing will be able to make changes to it.

  • The co-list agent does not have to be in the same office or organization as the primary list agent. 
  • The co-list agent does not have the authority to switch themselves and the primary list agent (making themself the primary list agent). 
  • Co-list agents should also be able to manage photos
  • Co-list agents should be able to manage documents (including private documents).


If you have added a co-list agent to your listing but do not want them to be able to make any changes to the listing, go to Add/Edit> Edit Listing Details and enter the desired list number. 

When the listing opens, click Edit Basic Listing Information (on the Contract tab):





Scroll down beneath the CoList Agent MLS ID field and remove the check in the check box:




Make sure to click the Apply Changes button in the upper right corner. That will bring you back to the listing input form (where you have all the different tabs/sections on the left side of the screen). 

To finish the process and save your changes, don't forget to click Save Draft (if it is a draft listing) or Validate for Publishing (if it is a listing that has already been published to the MLS).


Once you have removed the check in the Allow Co-Lister to Edit this Listing check box, the listing will no longer appear in the My Transactions section of Add/Edit for the co-list agent. They will still get any due credit if/when the listing is sold or rented, but they will no longer be able to make any changes to the listing under their own ID.

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