Condo Complex name search

There is a field on the Single Family & Condo search screen called Complex that allows you to search through a list of known condo complexes within the state:




As you start typing the name of the complex you are looking for, Connect will display anything that matches. For instance, if you are looking for listings in Heritage Village in Southbury, as you type the word heritage, it will come up in the list:




Just scroll down the list and click on the one you want.

The Complex field is tied to the County and City fields. If you have chosen a County and/or City in the search, the list of complexes will automatically be limited to those within the specified areas.

This list is not exhaustive, so there may be some complexes that are not in it. Please let us know if there is a condo complex that is not in the list so we can research and add it.

If there is a specific condo complex that you definitely do not want to include in your search results, go to the bottom left corner of the search screen, turn the Show Advanced Options toggle switch on and then select Equals None in the Complex field:



Any complex name you enter in the field will be excluded in your search results.


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