Export clients from connectMLS

If you would like to export clients you have added to connectMLS so they can be imported into another program, click the Clients icon in the upper right corner:




When your list of clients appears, use the check boxes on the left side of the screen to select those you would like to export (if you want to select all of them, put a check in the box at the very top of the column) then click the export icon 2024-04-30_16-32-59.jpg in the upper right of the screen:




The Export Contacts window provides control over your exported client files:



  1. Confirm the clients you would like included in the export.

  2. Choose the format of the export file (comma-delimited, tab-delimited, etc.).

  3. Choose the fields you want to include in the export. By default, all client database fields are included in the export. If there are any fields you do not want included in your export, double-click them in the right-hand column (Export fields below) and the field will be removed and appear in the Do NOT export fields below column.

  4. Click Continue.


The file should appear in the downloads section in the upper right corner of your web browser:




You should now be able to use that file to import the selected clients into another program.


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