Enter out of state listing

If you have a property that is in a state other than Connecticut, please follow these instructions.

Go to the Add/Edit> Add New Listing:




Select the property type, put a check in the Manually enter all listing data (Parcel Number: 999999999) check box and click Continue:




On the Specify Basic Listing Information screen, you will be able to select the correct State, County and City in the Location Info section:




After choosing the correct state, you can choose from the counties within that state that border Connecticut. We do not have every county within these states, as the likelihood of properties being listed in counties that do not border CT is minimal. If the correct County is not available, select Other State from the drop down menu.

If we have the out-of-state County you're looking for, the City drop-down list should include every city within that County.

We do not have any Neighborhood information for out-of-state cities, however, so you must use N/A for the neighborhood (that is the default neighborhood when you select any out-of-state city). There is no way to manually add any out-of-state neighborhoods.

After you have competed all the required fields on the Basic Listing Information screen, click Save Draft and Continue in the upper right.

When you make it to the Property Taxes section (on the Location Info tab), you must enter in the correct current Property Tax, Assessment and Tax Year. Enter 0 for the Mil Rate.




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