Entering a Withhold from MLS listing in connectMLS

If your seller has expressed their desire to not have their property listed on SmartMLS, and thus not benefit from the exposure to our 21,000+ subscribers and their clients, you still must enter the listing in connectMLS. However, we have a mechanism that allows us to designate the listing as a Withhold from MLS (WFMLS) listing. By doing so, no one besides you, your office management hierarchy and SmartMLS staff will ever know that the listing is there.

Please follow these steps to enter a WFMLS listing:

  1. Have your seller(s) complete the Instruction to Withhold Listing from MLS form in addition to the listing agreement or Listing Agreement Compliance Certification. This form confirms they do not want their listing on the MLS for at least 30 days (or ever).

  2. Enter the entire listing in connectMLS and save it as a Draft listing. Do not publish the listing as Active or Coming Soon.

  3. Upload the Instruction to Withhold Listing from MLS and listing agreement/Listing Agreement Compliance Certification forms to the Draft listing. Each form must be uploaded separately (each has its own specific document type).

  4. Email both forms to compliance@smartmls.com. Please make sure to include the list number that was assigned when you saved the listing as a Draft.


If the property closes without ever being activated on the MLS and the sellers agree for it to be added for comparable purposes, please follow the instructions for adding a Comp Only listing.


If the property closes but the seller does not want it on the MLS as a comp, or if the listing agreement expires or is canceled, you can delete the Draft listing. Click here for instructions.




If your seller(s) decide that they would like to publish the listing to the MLS so it is visible to all SmartMLS subscribers and their clients, please make sure of the following:

  • You've uploaded a fully executed Instruction to File Listing with MLS form.
  • The listing has been in connectMLS as a Draft for at least 30 days.
  • There is at least one photo of the exterior front of the property.

Go into your Draft listing and make sure to enter the original list date (from your listing agreement) as the List Date (do not use the current date/date you publish the listing). This will ensure the listing has the correct Days on Market.

Publish the listing.

You are all set. The listing will now be visible to all SmartMLS users and their clients. If you have chosen to syndicate it to any downstream websites, it will now be included in the data feed as well.

Continue maintaining the listing on the MLS as you would for any other traditional listing.






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