Turn Hubbard Clause on/off

If your listing has a Hubbard Clause on it, go to the Transactions icon, locate the desired listing and click the Edit icon 2024-03-21_12-07-57.jpgon the right side of the screen:




Click Turn Hubbard On or Off:





Select Yes from the Hubbard YN drop-down menu in the center of the screen to add the Hubbard Clause flag to your listing. Remember to click Save in the top right:




A couple of things to note about turning on the Hubbard Clause:

  • The listing's status will not change when you turn on the Hubbard Clause- it remains in the Active status.
  • You do not need to change the status to UC-CTS in addition to turning on the Hubbard Clause.


When other MLS users look at the listing, they will see that it is subject to a Hubbard Clause:




On smaller reports, such as the List View, the Hubbard Clause abbreviation (HUB) will appear in the status field:






If you have turned the Hubbard Clause on and need to turn it off, go to Transactions, locate the desired listing and click the Edit icon. Use the drop-down menu to switch it from Yes to No, then click Save.

That will remove the Hubbard flag from your listing.

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