Warnings and Errors (when saving a listing)


When you are adding or editing a listing and are finished making your changes, you may encounter warnings or errors after you click the Validate for Publishing (when adding a new listing) or Save Changes (when making changes to an existing listing) buttons:

The major difference between warnings and errors is that warnings will not prevent you from saving your changes or publishing the listing. A warning is a heads up that there are fields that you may want to double check before saving/publishing, but you can still save changes/publish the listing:




Errors, on the other hand, will prevent you from saving changes/publishing the listing. When you have errors on your input form, you will not see a Save Listing button in the top right corner:




Your only option is to click the Validation Check Failed arrow in the top left to get back to the listing input form and address the issue that caused the error.


It is important to carefully read the screen so you can understand why the warnings/errors are appearing. It will let you know exactly what is wrong, and each item will have a Fix this link that will bring you directly to the Tab where the problem lies:




Once you have addressed all issues, click Validate for Publishing (or Save Changes) again and you should be all set.

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